Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Atlanta's articles collective has special audio treats for you all this week with a very special "week of albums" featuring friends of cabbagetown and the pickett street family proper.
Cruise over to
thearticles and give yourself many gifts of sound...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

currently humbled by my own idiocy...showers, cupcakes, and david lee roth make me feel better about things.
I mean fucking jesus christ...JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!

This video changed my little kid life...I think it was the personal connection I felt with mr. roth over his ribbon dance solo towards the end...
Feel good hit of the fall:

Saturday, August 09, 2008

McCain PWND! by Paris Hilton...

Wow. McCain's really got nothin'. Comparing Obama to Paris and Britney!? For those who haven't seen his most recent low blow piece of bullshit add, check it:

And now for the giggling cunt's rebuttal:

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

Three points for Paris!!
...seems like she's got it all figured out too.
In other news, Norway beats the USA women's soccer team in the Olympic opening match.
Home home.
Things are different now, but many things are still the same.
...the persistent early morning buzz of a low flying crop duster...a soft rustle from the maples outside my window...birds chirping and squawking to one another, many crickets...the calm rattle of the cicadas, informing and assuring me of the constant cycle that is life and death. Life and death.
Yesterday my 99 year old great grandma who is one month away from turning one hundred was moved from her assisted living home in a nearby town to the nursing home in Tipton which means her health is no longer stable enough to support her living with independence. Which really is fucking amazing for a 99 year old. I recall last summer her joking about wishing she would, "just die already" said with a smirk on her face. Maybe it's selfish, but I wish she would just make it one more month.
I really miss my grandma today. I keep trying on all her rings that are in my room. I know she's been dead for a year, but coming home this time and not being able to go home to her house has felt really shitty. I don't really feel like doing anything today. I just want to go to town and have lunch in her kitchen. But I can't. Someone else lives there now.
My mom just left the house because she was bored. I'm kinda bored too. But it's beautiful outside. I need to go out to it. I really miss everyone in Atlanta, my love the most...and I miss Cabbagetown. I feel silly because I haven't even been gone four days!! In limbo and homesick.
I've been collecting a lot of cicada exoskeletons in the past few days. Each year during this time they shed, lay eggs in the ground, and die. The skeletons I've found are most commonly on the underside of tree branches, and are one of the few visual traces these insects leave behind in their short but noisy life. This is the first summer ever that I've actually been able to see one come out of its' hard shell. Before this, I've never seen a cicada in a tree, or flying, or anything...just their skeleton, and just their noise.
...I think this is some kind of lesson.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dimen Village- an enclave nestled in the mountains of Guizhou, in Southwest China is home to five clans and 528 households of the Dong minority. The Dong people, who have persisted in the valley for over a thousand years, have no written form of their language- which is commonly compared to the song of cicadas that dance through the fields and mountains near the village. Seasoned elder women, simply called Za, sing the songs of the village, and teach it to all the village children- most are able to sing a Capella, in rhythm and in key by age 5. However, it is reported that only one living women can sing the entire hours-long saga of the Dong people. Many fear that the traditional stories and songs sung by the za will be forever forgotten with an increasingly disinterested youth who label the historic songs as boring and passé.

The Dong people also rely heavily on Feng Shui masters who cleanse the disheveled spirits that often haunt and plague the village. In an excerpt from "Village on the Edge of Time," published in the May 2008 edition of National Geographic Magazine, Amy Tan recounts a divination ritual preformed to restore harmony in Dimen after a tragic fire and other unfortunate events. Below, blindfolded men, in a trance- ride ghost horses to Yin, the underworld, in search of the cause of events, hoping that upon emergence, they will be able to restore Dimen to a more tranquil place.

"During Spring Festival, and for the first time since 1979, the village would be cleansed again by the same ceremony, Guo Yin—“Pass into the World of Yin.” In the dim light of an assembly hall, 11 blindfolded men sat on black benches. The Chief Feng Shui Master called out incantations from the Book of Shadows. As fragrant rattan burned under the benches, assistants gave the men a rope of twisted straw to hold at both ends. More incantations were murmured, two bells rang, bowls of wine were stirred, and the 11 men slapped their bouncing knees, as if goading a horse to move forward. Soon they were galloping in a frenzy, and the oldest of them, a 73-year-old man, whinnied like a spooked horse, shot up, and leaped backward onto the bench. He had mounted a ghost horse and was racing toward the World of Yin. Assistants kept the frenzied rider from falling. Soon more riders mounted their ghost horses. The Chief Feng Shui Master sprayed water from his mouth to light the way. With more incantations the ghost-horse riders could go to deeper levels. At each level they could see more.

In 1979 the riders had gone to the 19th level, where they saw their dead mothers and fathers. Stay with us, their parents urged. If a Feng Shui Master provided the wrong incantation, the riders would not return. This time, the master would take them no further than the 13th level. It was still possible for them to find the illegal burials. At that level they could also see the backs of maidens, the Seven Sisters, as beautiful as fairies. Chase them, the Chief Feng Shui Master said, to urge them to go farther into the underworld.

That day the riders discovered where the illegal burial lay. After the ceremony they left the hall and walked to a slope that was shaped like the back of a comfortable sofa. At the top of the sofa was a small rice field, and buried several feet into its wall was a large ball with a thick crust. Unlike the Eldest Son of the fire starter, someone had placed the happiness of ancestors above that of the village. It must have been the doings of a greedy family from another village. The Chief Feng Shui Master broke the ball open, removed the ashes, and mixed them with rice wine, pig and human feces, and tung oil. The mess was thrown into the public latrine, and those ancestors who had once occupied the best place were now stuck forever in the worst."

(photo credits, Lynn Johnson)

Read the full text here.

Listen to the "Cicada Song," which won the silver medal of Natural Singing Style on the 12th National Youth Singing Contest hosted by CCTV in 2006. So awesome.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

 I stall to embark on my policy analysis research paper about how population cluster sizes shape attitudes on immigration and illegal mind refuses to think of anything but time lines about where I lived and when. I guess if I'm going to skip class and fuck around on the internet, I may as well do a warm up exercise and try to get this bullshit out of my head (and the vein of Monty Python... get on with it!).

June 19th, 1982 - August 2000 = Tipton city, Iowa,
August 2000 - December 2000 = Ames city, Iowa, 51,557.
December 2000 - September 2001 = (brief summer stint in Bemidji, MN) Tipton city, Iowa
September 2001 - October 2002 =
Winter Park city, Florida, 28,083.
November 2002 - December 2002 = Tipton city, Iowa
December 2002 - May 2003 = (sometimes Manhattan) Brooklyn borough, New York, 2,465,326.
June 2003 - July 2006 = Atlanta city, Georgia, 486,411.
July 2006 - December 2006 = Iowa City city, Iowa,
December 2006 - NOW = ATLANTA!!!

Studies show there is an identifiable correlation between the two variables discussed above, and as a transient observer, I can definitely attest to fact that people are shaped more by their environment and habitat than they may realize. However, thinking in terms of sheer city size seems short sided... and to understand a true connection between one thing and must analyze hundreds of variables that could possibly resemble a composite of a person's ideological framework. But perhaps a place based variable does actually realistically depict a probable ideology- as a person defined by their dwelling could be considered an ultimate amalgamation of character. A city space being a sum total of all that is, in one given area...(buildings, streets, cars, ethnic diversity, lack there of, jobs, houses, money, jobs, schools, old people, kids, crime, sex, etc.) I guess where I struggle is knowing where I'm from, knowing who I am, and then realizing that "studies show" I'm less likely to feel a certain way or do a certain thing about whatever based on a sample (and also how the city size variable discounts regional differences). I understand the concept of standard deviation and outliers, but I also know that I'm not some rare anomaly. Often times I fear statistical observations in that I feel they dangerously misdefine huge segments of the population. And when it comes to policy and resource allocation, huge mistakes are made everyday, and have been made in the past, causing cyclical failure as people struggle to fit into a numerically designed system, whether they are aware of this or not. But in the future, I think our traditional ways of data collection and statistical analysis will be just won't be current enough, fast enough, applicable enough...maybe it will even be laughable as people realize how much was missed by over relying on numbers when direct observation could have easily constructed so many more connections?

 other thoughts, I'm really stoked on CCR and Rush right now...
(closer to the heart OR freewill might be my new summer theme song!?!)
Also, I hope the dream of preforming Fortunate Son topless that is shared by Erin and I will sooooon became a reality. YEOW!

Monday, July 14, 2008

If you know me, you are probably aware of my penchant for GOOOOOOGLEY EYYYYYES!!!
I've dreamed of covering the city with them for some time...but you know...never really got around to it. UK artist Filthy Lurker, has made some hilarious googley installations on various trees, bushes, and trash bins in Europe and Asia (judging by the photos on deviantART). Peep more peepers and other lurkings here.